Caucasian Australian man in the Islamic State: A trained Doctor an instrument in the destruction of Western Civilization!

The false narrative that primarily so called impoverished and marginalized people are, the apex of the foreign fighters in the Islamic State, has been shattered in my mind since the advent of the group and any astute reader of  written statements of the group itself know, that I have provided proof on my Blogs ,showing the diversity of the members within the organization. There is a great number of Caucasians within ISIS, yet the buffoon Trump is fixated on refugees from the ME, who in his mind and the minds of the fools that make up his base are coming to America, with the intent to kill Americans. 

The Islamic State’s leadership are extremely brilliant in that, they are fully cognizant of the caricature terrorist, in the western popular imagination, a ravening wide-eyed Arab or North African. The Islamic State has created since its inception the perfect terrorist, who can strike at the heart of western civilization and wreak the most havoc, the Caucasian fair haired male, he it is who will be used to further improve on what Bin Laden wrought.

The fixation with the wide-eyed Arab is only a manifestation of the age-old Caucasian fear, of the swarthy dark skinned other, embodied in the imagery of Baibars and his Mamluk hordes who invaded Spain and impregnated European women, polluting the European gene pool, just as Baibars used fair-haired European Mamluk’s in his Islamic conquest’s against Europeans, so too will Islamic State use the Caucasians in its fold to wreak havoc in Europe and America.

Bear witness then to the true instrument of the further demise of western civilization.


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