Top ten things to know about James Spencer Springette.

1 James Springette was born in St Thomas US V.I. August 18 1961.
2 James Springette is bilingual; he speaks fluent Spanish and English.
3 He orchestrated several daring jail breaks, both in Colombia and Venezuela,
one of the most infamous is when he escaped prison in Colombia, by hiding in a rolled up carpet, which was carted outside by a prison janitor.
4 At his height Spencer Springette’s was one of the most sophisticated indigenous Caribbean operations, that was ever developed its span and the reach of its operations were massive on an international scale.
 5 Springette was hands on and maintained several residences in both Venezuela and Colombia. Springette was not only “plugged” in to a cartel, he had his own organization and was not simply an “affiliate”, he was a partner in the operation, evidence of such is the incident in 1996 from which I will quote the Florida Times’ online magazine “According to previous testimony in federal court, arrests of Augusta-area dealers led investigators to Springette's Caribbean network.

It was a huge operation involving airplanes, boats and even an ocean cargo freighter that was confiscated in 1996 with 6,000 kilograms of cocaine hidden on board. The operation also involved a shootout with British Virgin Islands police that blinded one officer who was shot in the eye.
Officers had tried to stop a van carrying more than 2 tons of cocaine.

Springette was arrested for aiding in the prison escape of two Colombian citizens who reportedly took part in that shootout”.  

6 Springette’s organization moved metric tons of cocaine 6,000 kilo’s is six metric tons, that amount was seized in one raid, which was a relatively normal load for Springette. Not even BMF at its height could even come  close in matching a “normal” load for Springette’s Island Boy’s.  

7 Springette owned planes, boats convoys of busses and cars all used export cocaine to the US mainland.
8 Springette had access to various hangars at the St Thomas airport and actually was allowed to hide cocaine in the ceiling of those hangars by airport personnel in his employ.
9 Springette was probably the last of a dying breed of “Gentleman”, drug dealers in the Caribbean. His operation was conducted more like a corporate business, rather than a typical “drug dealing” operation.
10 James Spencer Springette was  extraordinarily intelligent, shrewd, cunning and charismatic as is attested to by his operation, which rivaled in the sheer volume of his cocaine importation business to America, that of many Mexican cartels then and even today. Springette imported metric tons that fact alone places him in the elite echelons of drug barons, he wasn’t a drug dealer, he was an owner of his own cartel and was a key player in helping the Colombians solidify their Caribbean stronghold and their North American hegemony in the cocaine trade at that time.


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